Online courses in presentation skills that you can access anywhereEssential presentation skills – pick ‘n mix from short specific topics 

Courses contain videos, guides, and worksheets accessible from any device. You get one-on-one support by chat, mail or Skype to help you apply the theory to your own material. Add longer coaching sessions for really effective learning.

You’ll receive an e-mail when your course is updated or expanded. No extra cost. Just like a subscription.

Go to the online school and see what’s available

Click on  “View All Courses” and course images for information and to enroll.

Some courses are free so you can pick up a real bargain.

All the presentation skills you need to get your message across

Add one-on-one coaching

It’s easy to learn all the theory but hard to apply it. Check out some ideas for coaching plans and choose what suits you best.

Film yourself presenting – get expert feedback

Practice your presentation by making a video and then get professional feedback – couldn’t be easier! More details here. Or just send over your slides.